Stopping vs. quitting in digital marketing

Imagine you are just about to finally start but then…

You hit the wall. The idea you just had is gone. You have the feeling there might a better way to do it. Maybe it’s not the right format. It’s new. It’s different. It’s maybe even a bit weird. Two minutes ago you were the marketing genius and now? Nothing.

And what then? Do you quit? That’s it?

Or you just stop. Press pause!

A big difference! Quitting and stopping!

The true beauty of digital marketing as we experience and practice it today is the ability to press pause. To stop.

I mean…Try to stop tv advertising. It’s impossible.

The old marketing world makes you quit. The whole thing. The whole idea.

Try to stop a Facebook ad. It’s a matter of a few clicks. A few seconds.

The new marketing world allows you to stop.

You can stop, take the time you’ll need to make things even better and then hit the “Continue” button again. It changes everything.

Everyone talks about new ideas. But what we all need more than ever before in our industry: Time for reflection.

We are jumping from task to task, from idea to idea. This may increase the pace but not the quality of our work.

Take some time to reflect on the long-term impact of your work.

And let this reflection become part of your daily routine and always make sure you have some time to think. It gives you the opportunity to not only learn faster what works and what doesn’t but more importantly, you can influence the outcome right in the moment of action.

Press pause. Think. Optimize. Think again. Refine. Continue. Win.

No need to quit.

one response for Stopping vs. quitting in digital marketing

  1. Lisa Reichkendler says:

    Such true words. The thing is, when you are a beginner (as I am), you just try and then you think the next day “holy shit, that’s not nice”, but as you wrote: you can take time to reflect and therefore create better content. On the other hand, I think its pretty good to make mistakes to learn how you do it the next time better 🙂

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